How To Tell If A Tarot Reader Is Legitimate.

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There are many different types of tarot readers available today, from those who have tarot certifications from tarot associations, to those whom simply practice as part of their spiritual journey. There are also witches, life coaches, and dare I say…psychologists and mental health counselors who use tarot as a tool for clients’ self-development. People from many walks of life have taken an interest in the tarot and more so today, since the covid crisis.

Many people have taken an interest in learning the art of tarot, also known as cartomancy, and reading for themselves, while others would rather go to a professional. If a professional is more to your liking, how do you know if your tarot reader is legit?

First, don’t get discouraged if they are not certified by any association. That’s just a perk! A reader can study and practice for many years and never be certified. Certification does not take away or replace years of experience.

A legitimate tarot reader wants to know why you are there. Are you seeking advice in love and relationships, finances and career, or health and self-care? Or maybe you just want a snap shot of your current circumstances. Either way, it helps to know the general reason so that the reader can adjust the tarot spreads to best answer your questions.

During the reading, the reader should be asking if you resonate with his/her interpretation and answer any questions. Remember, these are divine messages for you! The reading should make sense to you. The tarot reader is simply the interpreter.

A legitimate tarot reader will engage you, make you look deeper into your issue rather than just make blank statements. There should be a discussion, a deep intimate conversation, not just about your specific problem, but about your whole life. They should help you find practical solutions to your problems and may even advise you to seek professional help for any serious matters. He/she should have a basic knowledge of resources that can assist you after the reading, whether that be books, videos, websites, phone numbers, etc. After all, you want advice from someone who’s knowledgeable on how to help others, right?

One red flag to be aware of is if your reading is full of doom! The reader should be compassionate and know how to deliver negative information. You can tell someone to be extremely cautious with their health and suggest immediate attention, rather than, “Dude, you’re gonna die!” There is such a thing as a “table-side manner” when it comes to tarot professionals. There are scam artists out there who will scare you to death with doom and destruction, and the only way to fix it is to pay THEM! Seriously!?

Which brings me to the magickal aspect of tarot. Some scandalous tarot readers will claim to be witches or spellcasters who can make all your problems go away for an astronomical fee. People! There is no way on God’s green earth, that a STRANGER in “Zimbabwe”, is going to perform a magick ritual for you to fix your problems. I don’t care if you’re face-to-face sitting in their office or how much you pay them. It’s NOT gonna happen! Only you can fix you. Spend that money wisely instead, by investing in yourself, like taking a course or seminar on mental health or self-development, or buying a self-help book, or booking your first professional counseling session. Investing in your wellbeing is never a mistake.

There are several tarot readers, like myself, who will advise the client to perform certain rituals. Some may consider them magickal practices. Usually these involve candle-burning meditations, musical meditations, reiki, mantras, journaling, yoga, and other holistic alternatives that the client can do on their own.

A legitimate tarot reader should inspire you, motivate you, open your eyes to possibilities. He/she should encourage you to be your best self. A legitimate tarot reading should leave you hopeful, grateful, inspired, and motivated. It should bring clarity and optimism to almost any situation. It should NOT leave you hopeless, drained, fearful, or confused.

You want to choose a tarot reader that you can return to when needed. Someone who will inspire you enough to want to call them back and share your good news with. Someone you can genuinely recommend to others in need of such services. Someone you may even consider a friend, after all, you are sharing your deepest secrets with them.

And lastly, someone who will follow your readings with notes so that you can keep a progress of your discussions. This way, after a few sessions you can decide if the tarot readings are a good fit for you or if you need to seek services elsewhere.

Just like with any service you acquire, do your research and ask questions. And remember, a tarot reader’s advice should never replace or supercede the advice from a licensed professional.

Capricorn: Self Reflection

Reading/photo credit: by Lavender, found on Pinterest.

Tarot reading for Capricorn.

1. What mistake you’ve been making. Fertility: Perhaps you’ve been “planting your seeds” in the wrong place. It may be time to refocus and take a good look at what is working and what isn’t.

2. How to fix/stop it. Choose Wisely: Take the time to really think things through. The more choices you have the more time you’ll need to sift through each one and truly make an informed decision. Take your time.

3. What you’ve been doing well. Emotional Loss: If you’ve suffered any type of loss recently – whether it be a job, material things, or a person – you may be handling it better than you thought. Sometimes an ending, is just the beginning.

4. What to focus on. Balance: Focus on finding more balance in your work life, relationships, family, and even self-care. Find ways to maintain a schedule or agenda, maybe even a journal to keep your thoughts, ideas, and plans in order.

Deck used: The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards by John Holland.

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Tarot Candle Spell for Self-Improvement

Print this image and tape to a 7-day jar candle.

Hello there, Tarot Witches! Here’s a little tarot spell for Self-Improvement.

What you’ll need:

1. Print out of photo above.

2. Yellow 7-day jar candle.

3. (Optional) Frankincense, Myrrh. May be used in oil form or granules.

For this spell, we will be using the images of 7 tarot cards. The Magician represents manifestation, Judgement for transformation, The Chariot for movement and control, The High Priestess for intuition, Strength as implied, The World for completion and fulfillment, and Temperance for careful management.  You can print the image above and tape it to a yellow 7-day jar candle. You can also use a white 7-day jar candle if you can’t find yellow.

You can add Frankincense and Myrrh to the candle if you’d like.

Once you are finished preparing the candle, you can charge it with your intention, and then light, preferably during a new moon or full moon. Good luck!

Tarot Candle Spell for Success in Starting a New Business

Print this image and tape to a 7-day jar candle.

Hello there, Tarot Witches! Here’s a little tarot spell for success in starting a new business!

What you’ll need:

1. Print out of photo above.

2. Green 7-day jar candle.

3. (Optional) Herbs, oils

For this spell, we will be using the images of 3 tarot cards. The Magician because you can manifest your own experience, the Ace of Wands represents the new business venture, and The Sun is the result: success, growth, and prosperity. You can print this image above and tape it to a green 7-day jar candle. You can also use a white 7-day jar candle if you can’t find green.

You can add the Crown of Success recipe below, in dry form or in oil form to your candle, or both. If you use dry herbs, make sure you sprinkle very little of each herb on the candle so when you light it, the herbs don’t catch on fire and create a huge flame which will turn the glass black or crack it. If you use oils, you can make holes in the candle first and pour the oils in the holes. This keeps the oils from drowning the flame.

Crown of Success Recipe


2. Frankincense

3. Vetivert

4. White Sandalwood

5. Gold glitter.

You can use all or some of these ingredients, it’s up to you.

Once you are finished preparing the candle, you can charge it with your intention, and then light, preferably during a new moon. Good luck!

Virgo: Clearing & Amplifying Your Energy

Reading/photo credit: Emerald Lotus Divination, found on Pinterest.

Tarot reading for Virgo.

1. Energy surrounding me. Page of Wands: You may be feeling enthusiastic, adventurous, and even inspired, perhaps with a new desire or new idea.

2. How this energy is affecting me. Six of Wands: You may be filled with a sense of achievement or victory.

3. How I can clear the surrounding energy. Nine of Cups: Focus on your wishes being fulfilled, feeling content and being satisfied with life.

4. An energy to channel to keep my space purified. Five of Swords: Avoid being a show-off or rubbing your success in peoples faces, even inadvertently. You may inspire jealousy.

5. An energy to channel to keep myself purified. The Star: Remain optimistic and have faith. Appreciate your blessings and reach for the stars!

6. Something in my life that deserves more of my energy. Five of Wands: Lack of leadership, conflict, or debate could hinder your progress. Focus on clear communication and teamwork. Try to inspire others rather than just agreeing to disagree.

Deck used: Animals Divine Tarot by Lisa Hunt.

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Taurus: Out of F#cks!

Photo/reading credit: Raven Willow on Instagram, found on Pinterest.

I dedicate this reading to a special Taurus in my life who truly appreciates the word F#CK. You know who you are! This is for you!

1. There it is, the last f#ck I give: Ace of Swords. This quite literally represents your last f#ck, your last thought or input into any given fuckery. You have nothing else to say or there are no ideas left. Your field of f#cks is barren.  You got nothin’! You may just be burnt out, mentally exhausted.

2. Why am I out of f#cks?: The Magician. You’re tired of doing everything, manifesting all the fuckery on your own with very little help. You’re the one who’s taken the wheel for quite some time, and you may be getting tired of doing all the driving. What the f#ck?! Maybe it’s time for someone else to drive for a while.

3. Who/what drains my supply of f#cks?: Knight of Swords. Rushing into things and feeling compelled to debate every fuckery may be draining and burdensome. Thinking that you can handle it all, especially the fuckery, may be unrealistic. Allow others to step up to the plate and relieve some fuckery off of you.

4. Where am I wasting my f#cks?: Ten of Pentacles. You may be wasting your f#cks on anything to do with home and family issues, and/or financial fuckery, or security, if you will. You may be deep in fuckery that is out of your control or that you simply can’t change for what ever reason. Try to compromise.

5. What do I truly give a f#ck about?: Two of Pentacles. You care about balance and maintaining financial security, being able to multitask fuckery under pressure, and running a tight ship is what you aim for. You need to feel a sense of control in a given situation.

6. Where should I spend my f#cks?: Six of Swords. F#ck everybody! Spend your f#cks on trying to escape the chaos. Find ways to get some alone time and do some selfcare fuckery. Then maybe you can have time to process the fuckery, and perhaps see things clearly.

7. Where can I get more f#cks?: Queen of Cups. You can try getting more f#cks by becoming more like the Queen of Cups. She’s empathetic, receptive, sensitive, loving, and nurturing. Or you may be influenced by a woman of this same nature.

8. How can I ration my f#cks in the future?: Queen of Wands. To ration your f#cks in the future, try being more confident, optimistic, maintain a strong sense of self and personal power. You are not the push-over. Your influence in any given fuckery is eminent. Know your worth!

Deck used: The Mythic Tarot.

*Did you like this reading? Personalized readings are available via email. $1 per card on each spread. Get this reading for $8. Email me for details:

Get on the bus!

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I read a comment yesterday on another platform regarding tarot readings. A lady commented on how she had stopped using the tarot because every time she read for herself she would get positive feedback on her love life, financial status, etc., but none of it would come true. She felt emotionally drained and deflated when time would pass and nothing the tarot mentioned would happen. She wrote, “I would get so excited at what was shown that I really believed them.”

This made me think. So I responded with this…

Hi “Jane Doe.” Maybe you were looking at them the wrong way. The tarot cards also remind us of our potential, what energies are available to us given the current circumstances. What if the cards were telling you what you were capable of? When it told you of positive things, were you actually open to receiving those things? I’ve had clients get readings that tell of opportunities and when those opportunities arise, they totally miss it! We can’t just stand by and let life happen to us, we have to make things happen!

A bus schedule tells what time the bus is coming, and sure enough, there it is, right on time. But if you don’t get on the bus, you’re not going anywhere. Tarot is like the bus schedule. It gives you clues as to when the bus arrives, and even where it’s going! It’s up to you to get on the bus!

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