Gemini: Are You A Crafter With A Small Business?

Gemini: Small Business Reading

If you’re a Gemini and you happen to be a crafter with a small business, or you’d like to sell your own handmade products, then this reading is for you.

Career & Money Oracle Deck by MahrukhX on Etsy.

If you’re not already doing it, consider a small business making homemade items or some kind of craft project. Think of ways to generate money that no other has done before or try something new.

6 Of Pentacles

The 6 Of Pentacles suggests charity or giving back. Find ways to give free samples of your products or give back to the community in a way that will highlight your business. If you have been giving of your time and resources this may indicate a time of return for your efforts.

The Treasure Trove Tarot, Career & Finances by Mystic Moon Oracles.

If your small business has slowed or stalled at this time, be patient. Continue to work at a steady pace and look for other avenues to promote sales.

Divine Feminine Entrepreneur Oracle by LivTarot.

Show up! Remain present on social media or blogs. Continue to engage your audience and don’t give up. Try running a special.

Gemini: A Way You Typically Miscommunicate With Others

Two Of Swords
Simplicity Tarot by Emilie Muniz

Geminis are air signs. The element of air is associated with the mind, communication, and mental strategies.

In this reading the Two Of Swords indicates that Geminis can be guarded and don’t accept people into their circle right away. They don’t decide if they like you upon your first meeting. They like to study and analyze a person first, figure out who they really are. Because of this, Gemini’s first impressions to others may seem standoffish or even judgemental.

Because of how they think, Geminis have a tendency to be quite literal, dissecting every word, and sometimes misconstruing the conversation. Libras are guilty of this too, also an air sign! Sorry Libras. 😊

Geminis can try being a little more open and less guarded when communicating. If you’re a Gemini that feels misunderstood or would like to open yourself up to better communication, you can try a tarot spell using the Two Of Swords in reverse.

The Two Of Swords is what I consider the STOP sign of the tarot. “Do not enter!” By using it in reverse we invoke the opposite. We let the crossed swords down and remove the blindfold. We are welcoming and happy to see what’s right before us.

For candle colors use yellow for happiness and optimism, and blue for thoughtfulness, peace, and harmony.

Open up, Gemini, uncross those arms and bring it in for a big hug!

Geminis are hating me right now. 😆

Gemini: Self-Care Hobby For This Summer

The Sacred Self-Care Oracle

Create art for your own pleasure.

Not an artist, Gemini? No problem. Google Bob Ross on YouTube and just paint little happy trees.

Little happy trees…

Little happy trees…

Sorry…We miss ya, Bob😔

On a brighter note, Gemini, indulging in a hobby is a great way for anyone to decompress. If paint and canvas is not your choice of medium try wood or metals. Heck, even glass blowing!

Art, Gemini! Make art!

Gemini: Tarot Card That Best Describes Me Currently

5 Of Pentacles

Key words: insecure, unstable, scarcity thinking, alienation, illness, lacking support, lack of resources.

Gemini, you may currently find yourself in a funk. There may be a sense of insecurity on your part. Things may not be going as planned and perhaps you’re not getting the support you need.

You may also be feeling physically drained or even ill. This may be due to stress or you may be affected by influences outside of your control.

The good news is, this won’t last forever. Look for support where ever you can.

In the meantime, you can cast a tarot spell to reverse this energy. Use the 5 Of Pentacles in reverse to switch your situation around. For candle colors, use black to mark the end of this unstable period, use white to bring clarity and start anew, and use yellow for wealth, happiness, and optimism.

Pentacles symbolize money, the material world, and nature.

Snow represents challenges to survival. It is also a symbol of rest, purity, and regeneration.

Stained glass is a symbol that reminds us to look at things from a larger, spiritual perspective.

Gemini: Tarot Card To Best Represent This Gemini Season And How To Make It Work For You.

3 Of Pentacles

Key words: assistance, contributions, mentors, planning, teamwork, employment.

Is there a project beginning to manifest? People may be coming together to make something happen.

If intentions you may have set in the past are coming to fruition, that’s wonderful, but keep in mind, you’re still in the early stages so remain focused.

Others may be watching your progress. Take criticism with a grain of salt but be open to suggestions and new knowledge which may benefit you moving forward. It’s never too late to learn something new.

Speaking of which, if you don’t have any specific projects or goals lined up, now would be a great time to start! Take a class, sharpen a skill, learn to crochet. Whatever floats your boat!

During this Gemini season reassess any projects or goals you may have set. If you’ve been working on something by yourself and find that you’re struggling, now would be a good time to find support, assistance, or even a mentor.

If seeking employment take advantage of this Gemini energy. Talk to people, reach out to old colleagues or friends and make connections. You may even consider furthering your education in your career field, whether that be a single class or a part-time program.

The theme for this tarot card is working together. This is a good time to do spells to bring people together in the workplace. If you work in an environment where personalities clash and there needs to be some cohesiveness in order to help things run smoothly, try a 3 Of Pentacles Tarot Spell.

Place a gray candle for wisdom and humility, and a brown candle for grounding, humbleness, and commitment on either side of the card. Imagine your coworkers, group, or team working together, cohesively and efficiently. Imagine all happy faces as they work. Hold on to this vision for as long as you can.

Another way would be to chant the words wisdom, humility, grounding, humbleness, and commitment after lighting the candles. Or just simply writing them down or inscribing onto the candles. You can make this spell as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. 

Pentacles symbolize money, the material world, security and nature.

Benches represent pausing and reflecting.

Red roses symbolize passion, action, the masculine essence, and blood.

The hammer is a symbol of physical work and endurance.

Arches are openings to new paths and hence represent the possibility of something new.

Don’t let this Gemini energy pass you by. Make it work for you. Stay focused, my friends.

Are these the cutest or what?

I recently posted about some amazing Etsy shops that sell original art tarot and oracle cards. I came across this cutey patootey today. A HANDMADE magic deck! How awesome is this? This type of deck would be, in my opinion, great for young readers. It has a whimsical Harry Potter theme.

Follow the link below for more information on this deck.

School of Magic Art Shop

Trending? Modern tarot and oracle deck creators on Etsy.

Photo credit: Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterile. I also own and LOVE this deck too.

Am I late to the game? Why is no one talking about the tarot and oracle deck creators on Etsy?! These deck creators are AMAZING!

I have owned many a deck in my time and have even resold a few that, well…the imagery just didn’t resonate with me. At times, I found the older images and references to be too dark. I longed for images that made sense in this time and space.

I shall always remain loyal to the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, but I do have an affinity for contemporary oracle cards.

In my search for something new, I came across a plethora of contemporary decks on Etsy. Some I liked and some I really loved. But were they just as good in symbolism and meaning as the traditional decks I was used to?

I decided to buy a specific deck, just to try it out. It has modern-day photographs in place of archaic symbols. Each card has a photograph or stock image that captures the essence of that card, along with it’s name and meaning along the top and bottom edges of the card. I studied each and every card for a few minutes and all the stock images made sense. I thought, what a marvel idea! And, damn it, why didn’t I think of this first!

I did a few readings on myself for a couple of days and I was very happy at how much easier it was to interpret my results. I decided to try out this deck with my clients and to no surprise, it was a hit. My answers came much faster and I found it easier to put into words what the cards were expressing.

Needless to say, I fell in love. I now own 7 more new contemporary decks, and counting, thanks to Etsy and the amazing artists and creators that exist today.

If you are interested in learning to read the tarot and exploring oracle cards, but the archaic imagery of traditional decks intimidates you, then take a gander at Etsy shops. I’m sure you’ll find something there that speaks to you.

Shout out to Flames Of Alchemy, Mahrukh X, Divine Empress Libra, and Liv Tarot Shop, on Etsy, for making my tarot practice much more fun and entertaining!

Below are some screen shots of the tarot/oracle cards I have added to my collection from these amazing Etsy creators.

How To Tell If A Tarot Reader Is Legitimate.

Photo credit: Pinterest

There are many different types of tarot readers available today, from those who have tarot certifications from tarot associations, to those whom simply practice as part of their spiritual journey. There are also witches, life coaches, and dare I say…psychologists and mental health counselors who use tarot as a tool for clients’ self-development. People from many walks of life have taken an interest in the tarot and more so today, since the covid crisis.

Many people have taken an interest in learning the art of tarot, also known as cartomancy, and reading for themselves, while others would rather go to a professional. If a professional is more to your liking, how do you know if your tarot reader is legit?

First, don’t get discouraged if they are not certified by any association. That’s just a perk! A reader can study and practice for many years and never be certified. Certification does not take away or replace years of experience.

A legitimate tarot reader wants to know why you are there. Are you seeking advice in love and relationships, finances and career, or health and self-care? Or maybe you just want a snap shot of your current circumstances. Either way, it helps to know the general reason so that the reader can adjust the tarot spreads to best answer your questions.

During the reading, the reader should be asking if you resonate with his/her interpretation and answer any questions. Remember, these are divine messages for you! The reading should make sense to you. The tarot reader is simply the interpreter.

A legitimate tarot reader will engage you, make you look deeper into your issue rather than just make blank statements. There should be a discussion, a deep intimate conversation, not just about your specific problem, but about your whole life. They should help you find practical solutions to your problems and may even advise you to seek professional help for any serious matters. He/she should have a basic knowledge of resources that can assist you after the reading, whether that be books, videos, websites, phone numbers, etc. After all, you want advice from someone who’s knowledgeable on how to help others, right?

One red flag to be aware of is if your reading is full of doom! The reader should be compassionate and know how to deliver negative information. You can tell someone to be extremely cautious with their health and suggest immediate attention, rather than, “Dude, you’re gonna die!” There is such a thing as a “table-side manner” when it comes to tarot professionals. There are scam artists out there who will scare you to death with doom and destruction, and the only way to fix it is to pay THEM! Seriously!?

Which brings me to the magickal aspect of tarot. Some scandalous tarot readers will claim to be witches or spellcasters who can make all your problems go away for an astronomical fee. People! There is no way on God’s green earth, that a STRANGER in “Zimbabwe”, is going to perform a magick ritual for you to fix your problems. I don’t care if you’re face-to-face sitting in their office or how much you pay them. It’s NOT gonna happen! Only you can fix you. Spend that money wisely instead, by investing in yourself, like taking a course or seminar on mental health or self-development, or buying a self-help book, or booking your first professional counseling session. Investing in your wellbeing is never a mistake.

There are several tarot readers, like myself, who will advise the client to perform certain rituals. Some may consider them magickal practices. Usually these involve candle-burning meditations, musical meditations, reiki, mantras, journaling, yoga, and other holistic alternatives that the client can do on their own.

A legitimate tarot reader should inspire you, motivate you, open your eyes to possibilities. He/she should encourage you to be your best self. A legitimate tarot reading should leave you hopeful, grateful, inspired, and motivated. It should bring clarity and optimism to almost any situation. It should NOT leave you hopeless, drained, fearful, or confused.

You want to choose a tarot reader that you can return to when needed. Someone who will inspire you enough to want to call them back and share your good news with. Someone you can genuinely recommend to others in need of such services. Someone you may even consider a friend, after all, you are sharing your deepest secrets with them.

And lastly, someone who will follow your readings with notes so that you can keep a progress of your discussions. This way, after a few sessions you can decide if the tarot readings are a good fit for you or if you need to seek services elsewhere.

Just like with any service you acquire, do your research and ask questions. And remember, a tarot reader’s advice should never replace or supercede the advice from a licensed professional.

*Email me at to schedule a 30 to 45 minute Live Chat Tarot Reading, paid by Cash app, Zelle, or Facebook Messenger.

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